Looks Like the Hatches Recovered

Still a few entries to iron out, but we currently stand at 1,924 birds entered this year, down a couple hundred from 2013. There are 5 fewer exhibitors than last year, and the average per entry is down 1 full bird.

The Junior division represents 44% of the total number of birds entered, averaging 9 birds per exhibitor. The Open division exhibitors on average entered 11.5 birds.

Interestingly, this year the number of Exhibitors entered in the Junior division exceed the number in the Open division by 16.

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WJPA Photo Contest Deadline Extended

The deadline for the WJPA Youth Photography contest has been extended! Entries must now be postmarked by September 18 and each photo must have a complete entry form attached to the back.

Entry form is available here: 2014 WJPA Youth Photography Contest

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Only 4 Postal Days Left!

Entry deadline is September 10. All entries must be mailed and postmarked by then or they will be returned.

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Let the Registration Begin!

Today we started putting entries into our fancy-pants registration system today. We have received only 7 entries so far, but our system is sooooo fancy that it generates and emails receipts automatically (if you give us an email address). So if you get your receipt and the information is incorrect, please let us know ASAP.

Those that do not supply an email address will have to wait for the money-loosing, slow-poke postal mail system, and my reluctance to go to the post office does not help…

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Pullorum Testing

All poultry exhibited in Wisconsin, including waterfowl, must have valid pullorum testing papers, either individual bird tests, NPIP or an equivalent state flock program.

The only exhibition species exempt from this are pigeons.

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Thank You AWF!

American Wood Fibers is donating the shavings for the show this year. Thank you!

America's Choice Bedding


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Hard Copies of the Show Catalog

This Monday hard copies of the Show Catalog are going out via the money-losing US Postal Service snail mail.

So, if you need us to print a hard copy and mail it to you because you do not have an email address or internet access to download the PDF (which would be odd since you are reading this on the Internet), or a printer to print out the 1 page Entry Form, let me know at info@wisconsininternational.com and I’ll dispatch one to you (of course, receiving an email from someone without internet access would be unusual — maybe you know someone who needs a copy?)

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Get Your Up-to-Date Info Here!

Despite repeated attempts on our part, the Poultry Press has apparently been unable to correct the errant show advertisements that they created and published in their July and August issues. They have been unresponsive to our concerns. It makes me question how many other ads are incorrect in the thing.

As one of the Show Secretaries, my main concern is that the wrongly-published deadline date is 6 days later than it should be. The real deadline remains at September 10, 2014. There will be no exceptions.

This hard line rule may seem arbitrary to some, but after the deadline date the following series of events happen within the next 11 days :

    • First, that date is a postmark date, so typically entries keep showing up in the mailbox for a few days after that, to, let’s say, the 13th.
    • Then, there are approximately 10-15% of entries that need follow-up due to incorrect or missing information. That’s about 25-50 phone calls or emails.
    • Then, all the roughly 2,100 entries must be entered into our fancy-dance electronic registration system, all the while trying to decipher the penmanship of 200 unique, and sometimes creative, individuals.
    • Once all the entries are in, we run a series of manual audits to ensure that the entered information matches the entry form.
    • Next, receipts are generated, to either be emailed out to exhibitors or postal mailed. That’s 200 emails or stamp-lickings. After a few days exhibitors read these, and if we made an error they get back to us and we correct it.
    • Then 2,100 Coop Tag labels are generated, printed and attached to the Coop Cards. This is a good job for poultry obsessed teenagers, if you can find them.
    • About 400+ Judging Sheets are generated and bound. Those of you that have clerked are familiar with those. If anything is wrong on those we get a lot of heat from the judging staff, so we check them carefully and try to get them right the first time.
    • A Cooping Report is generated, which gives the Show Superintendent the information he needs to lay out the showrooms.
    • A master copy of the Exhibitor’s List is printed, and the local copy company is happy to see us because we order 400+ copies of it.
    • Setup day is always the Saturday before the show, so this year it is September 21st. Everything must be processed and ready to go prior to this date, as it is the last chance for changes before everything is pretty much “set in stone.” Making cage changes once everything is setup is like trying to steer the Titanic.

So, as you can see, it is a pretty busy 11 days. And these tasks are all on top of the “real lives” we have, although it is hard to tell which one is real during the month of September 🙂

And that is why we don’t slip the deadline for anyone. It is a fair policy to all exhibitors and all show staff.

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Pullorum Testing for Individual Birds

Please note that if you are using individual bird test results to establish your birds’ pullorum-free status, the test must have been performed within 90 days of the show date.

Any individual bird test report dated prior to June 29, 2104 is not valid for your entry.

This does not apply to those flocks in a tested flock or NPIP program.

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Entry Form Changes

Today the Entry Form was tweaked to make it single-sided, so if you downloaded it prior to July 29 you may want to re-download it (although we’ll accept the old forms, too).

Note that the big change this year is that those Juniors entering in both the Junior and Open Divisions now use only one Entry Form and receive one Exhibitor Number. The Division is indicated for each entry line.

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