2014 Junior Division Overall Champions

Award Exhibitor Bird
Best of Show Cody Granatier White Silkie Hen
Champion Waterfowl Tanner Messerschmidt White Crested Old Male
Reserve Waterfowl Tanner Messerschmidt Blue and White Magpie Young Female
Champion Bantam (ABA) Cody Granatier White Silkie Hen
Reserve Bantam (ABA) Sydney and Shelby Tone While Wyandotte Pullet
Champion Large Fowl Chicken Robert Wincensten White Plymouth Rock Cockerel
Reserve Large Fowl Chicken Jacob Tollakson White Crested Black Polish Pullet
Champion Large Duck Tanner Messerschmidt White Crested Young Male
Reserve Large Duck Tanner Messerschmidt Blue and White Magpie Young Female
Champion Goose Lund Poultry American Buff Old Female
Reserve Goose Robert Wincensten Embden Old Male
Champion Turkey Mathew Nelson Bourbon Red Young Female