Wisconsin International Poultry Club Winter Meeting

Announcment by Dr. Lou Arrington, Secretary of the WIPC, Inc.

The Wisconsin International Poultry Club’s Winter Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 9th, 2016, at Pizza Hut, 401 East Wisconsin Street, Portage, WI at 10:00 am.

The Pizza Hut has a meeting room we will use. It is located near the fairgrounds — site of our annual show; about 6 blocks west of the turnoff to the fairgrounds. As usual, we encourage you to have lunch at the Pizza Hut; they provide our meeting room without charge.

An Alternate Snow Date is January 16th, same time and location. If you are not sure whether any snow we might have will cause the meeting to be moved to the snow date, call President Butch Gunderson at (608) 429-9960 for an executive decision.

You will recall the invasion of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in the Midwest states caused the cancellation of all live bird shows and swaps (except our state and county fairs (and with a couple of exceptions granted)). The ban has been lifted in view of the apparent control of this disease threat. Obviously, it could be reinstated if HPAI returns. However, we are planning on having our annual show in September, so we need to get back to our planning. I believe that the judges are set, but we need to revisit plans for the various activities and committees to conduct another successful show. Please join us as we move forward for 2016.

The winter meeting is our annual meeting and includes the election of officers. Some of the current officers would like to see some younger members take over the club’s leadership. For example, my body is fast approaching the 80 year mark, and while the mind is still “Tarp as a Shack,” it is really time to move toward real retirement. Oh, I’ll still be in the kitchen for another show, but the Secretary’s job is not too demanding. Give it some thought. If you would like to be an officer, let Dave Laatsch (Nominating Committee Chair) know; or make your interest known at the meeting.

DUES ARE DUE. Many members pay their annual dues for the upcoming year when registering for the annual show, or at the show. Since we had no 2015 show, some have failed to renew their dues for 2016. The target date for paying dues is January 1 of the year. I would encourage you to send your dues renewal to Treasurer, Bill Krueger, or pay at the meeting.

The annual WIPC dues are:

Youth Memberships = $5.00 per year
Single Memberships = $10.00 per year
Family Memberships = $15.00 per year

That’s pretty reasonable and well worth it to be an active member of the group. Along with your check or cash payment, give Bill you mailing address, phone number and e- mail address to help keep my records straight.

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